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Policy Briefings

As a practical way to link our research to policy - we are going to be producing a series of short briefings which will highlight our work in relation to current policy and key government papers. These briefings will summarise the individual projects and experiments and give an indication of initial findings.

Link to the summary of findings in relation to policy briefings as per press release

The first ones in the series are available via the links below:-

Policy Briefing Number 1 - Emerge

Policy Briefing Number 2 - Information Nudges and OnLine Petitions

Policy Briefing Number 3 - Building resilient communities: the Wiltshire Design Experiment

Policy Briefing Number 4 - Understanding online engagement 1

Policy Briefing Number 5 - The Use of Feedback to enhance environmental outcomes: a randomised controlled trial of a food waste scheme

Policy Briefing Number 6 - Why do people become good citizens?

Policy Briefing Number 7 - Understanding online engagement 2

Policy Briefing Number 8 - Building links between community groups and local councillor: a letter writing campaign

Policy Briefing Number 9 - How to encourage civic behaviour through a local authority contact centre

Policy Briefing Number 10 Books for Schools in South Africa: A Pledge and Publicity Campaign

Policy Briefing Number 11 The impact of discussion versus information on organ donation attitudes and organ donor registration: a laboratory experiment

Policy Briefing Number 12 How does choice architecture influence organ donor registration? A randomised controlled trial comparing opt-in,opt-out and mandated choice registration systems